Smart Exposure Gets a New Look

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We’re excited to unveil our new identity and website. We know how important design is to a brand, and we’ve put careful thought into all of the elements of ours.

The Logo

Flexibility is Key

A logo has many jobs to do. It may be very small as a favicon or blown up on a billboard. No matter what, it needs to be able to do all of these jobs well. It must be easy to read when very small and visually pleasing when very large.

It Must be Unique

Though it is appropriate and pleasing when a logo visually tells the story of the company it represents, this isn’t the most important aspect of its form. As the great designer Paul Rand said, “A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.”

The logo must be unique in order to set it apart from other brands. But the way people will feel about it will depend on the quality of service or product that your business provides. This imbues the logo with meaning and connotation.

Smart Exposure

We wanted to create a mark that would embody the concept of “Smart Exposure.” We customized the ‘S’ and ‘E’ so that the thickest part of the letters is “coming through” as if emerging from the background. Thus, they are becoming exposed. In this way, the letters can be interpreted by showing their identifiable features without exposing the entire letter. Much like we look for the most exciting, identifiable and telling aspects of your brand to expose. And that is where the “smart” comes in.

The Color

RED — energy, danger, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love.

When choosing the color for our brand, we immediately identified with red. We’re telling stories. What better color than red to represent the passion and excitement behind what we do? Red makes your heart beat faster. It’s bold and not afraid of anything. We’re not in this half-heartedly, we’re giving it all we’ve got by bringing on the firepower and heat to make your authentic original brand story stand out in the crowd.

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