About Smart Exposure


The secret to our agency’s success is simple:
for two decades, we have applied strategic intelligence to every aspect of how, when, why and where we reveal the client story, and shape the client’s brand image.

Our expertise is based upon researching the client story and exploring all aspects of the brand personality before devising a media plan. Often, a client will be unaware of the media potential of a key aspect – a hidden hook– of their brand appeal. Our passion is uncovering and sharing these nuggets of human “story” which form the foundation for a powerful campaign and emotional resonance in the marketplace. This brand-story is the basis of successful brand personality and identity.

Our client base embraces three key areas:

hospitality, entertainment, and non-profit.

Food & Dining

Hotel & Spa




Fine Arts

"Intelligence and infectious enthusiasm are what Alexia brings to the table — and also the willingness to work hard to reach her goals."

− Scarlet Cheng
, Contributing Writer

"Alexia is one of my favorite people to work with. Always intuitive to the needs of both the client and the journalist. Refreshingly candid, smart and funny."

− Carole Dixon
Editor-in-Chief at www.thecaratdiet.com

Once Upon a Time

At our agency, we are storytellers.

Our two decades of building relationships with media have taught us that magazine and newspaper editors, television and radio producers, bloggers, reporters and writers are always looking for a unique story with an authentic, relatable voice. We also know that this authenticity is what makes a news item go viral, which launches millions of “Likes” and “Retweets”, and what makes a brand blossom seemingly overnight, seemingly effortlessly, into a global presence.