About Alexia


Alexia Haidos Itzigsohn is recognized as one of the leading brand publicists on the West Coast, with a successful client track record in creating memorable campaigns in key lifestyle categories, including cutting-edge hospitality, entertainment and non-profit. She holds a business degree from the University of Southern California and has owned her own independent public relations agency based in Los Angeles for more than two decades, with an emphasis on media relations and creating special events to drive uniquely powerful branding campaigns for her clients.  At the heart of her success is a love of story and storytelling.  Alexia uncovers the universal, emotionally resonant story present in the brand’s DNA, making every brand a hero.  A strongly defined brand identity becomes the basis for coherence and congruence throughout all aspects of the client’s marketing outreach, and also forms the basis of an instantly accessible media pitch.

Alexia’s expertise is guided by the creative spirit and innovative attitude that define Southern California at its most iconic. She chooses to base her agency in Los Angeles as the place where the new cultural trends emerge first, like Aphrodite herself arising from the breaking surf. This constant influx of fresh global influences informs Alexia’s approach to her work, especially in the fast-moving arena of social media.  Her specialty is integrating the nuances of new technologies into classical public relations and media relations campaign formation, an essential skill-set which she considers to be definitive in helping clients keep their competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Her clients often describe her ability to anticipate memes as oracular, allowing her to create branding messages and campaigns that form precisely at the threshold of consumer awareness and desire.

"Rare to recommend the competition but then again, Alexia is a rare person and talented publicist. I had the opportunity to work with her at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival and became a fan. Would not hesitate to work with her again and hope to do so in the future."

− Beve Regas
, Beve Regas Managing Director Kallista PR

"On behalf of the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, I highly recommend Alexia Haidos of Double A PR. I enjoyed having her on our creative team, and hold her in the highest regard within the Greek-American and Hollywood community. Alexia's sophistacted style is very well received among our organization, as well as the media and international celebrity attendees. "

− Alex Kalognomos, 
Executive Producer at Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

"Alexia Haidos has handled PR for a number of restaurants that I currently operate and I have also referred her to other colleagues and I have received great feedback from them about the work she has done."

− Bill Chait, 
Managing Partner at Republique LLC

It’s Greek to Me

As a native Southern Californian of Greek descent, Alexia also reveals her talents in creative projects which reflect her Hellenic heritage.   In addition to her career as a public relations professional, she is a filmmaker and is now completing her first independent, feature-length documentary, called “A Taxi Odyssey”, an insightful exploration of the economic and social turmoil in Greece and the European Union as seen through the eyes of Athenian taxi-drivers.